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Current electricity needs can not be separated from all human activities and movements. Almost every step requires us accompanied by electricity for a variety of reasons. But unfortunately, a study says that nearly 40 percent of carbon emissions generated by the electricity sector. The higher power consumption the higher carbon emissions resulting from electricity generation, because 60 percent of fossil using liquefied petroleum. While the burning of fossil fuels is the main cause of global warming, which affects the earth’s rising temperatures globally. This situation confronts us, humans, on the ‘suggestion compulsory’ to use a little electricity as efficient as possible can help extend the life of the earth.

Circumstances sufficient to provide a dilemma for many, especially for homes, large corporations, and offices that have a great need and it is difficult to reduce electricity demand. Therefore, should not we seek a middle way? a decision that could benefit the earth and the needs of many people. Create an alternative power source is the right path in this issue.

One of them to make turbines and generators of small power that can be used to power in a capacity that is not too big like a house. But some of the problems it concluded that to create and build your own solar power or wind actually spend a lot of cost rather than paying monthly electricity bills. Do not worry, because now there HomeMadeEnergy Manual that will walk step-by-big step for anyone wanting to build their own solar or wind power. The decision to use solar power or wind for alternative energy sources not only good for the environment, it is also very good for your personal economy.

Construction of solar panels are offered in it is constituted by a portable solar power systems that cost no more than $ 200. Called manual because this is the guide comes with such a well written manual. But, do not be fooled by the ‘degree’ manuals. Because inside it, there are systems that can not be underestimated.

HomeMadeEnergy manual covers several types of solar panel systems including grid-intertied system solar power systems, portable solar power, off-network setup solar power, and grid-intertied solar power system with battery backup. Setup off-grid solar power can completely eliminate your electricity bills and in some cases. Of course your electricity bill is automatically reduced in each month.

Develop a homemade wind power is also thoroughly discussed in this manual. A small wind turbine can be built for as little as $ 100. And since this is a turbine driven by wind power, then the presence of wind is the most important thing in generating electricity. In the absence of wind, will not be able to generate the electricity. For it, if you are interested in using HomeMadeEnergy while your home is not the path where the wind can blow at any time, then you must implement the basic rule, that is if you want the average wind speed in the area to be around 10mph for the unit to be cost effective.

With a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you need not fear fooled by HomeMadeEnergy. Everything will be fine, and you will get benefits honestly.


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