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Camera shutter speed


The amount of light or exposure captured by your camera is determined by two things, namely the variable aperture-hole in front of the lens is preferred, or reduce the shutter speed of light-and-cover over the sensor that controls the duration of light reaching it, and both can be used as good to be created possible by the photographer.

Shutter speed on a camera, handy when you want to see more detail of an object. Shutter speed has a very long exposure interval, 1/30 sec to 1/8000 sec. With a fast shutter speed, you can freeze the object; while a slow shutter speed, you can create objects blur an object. In addition to using a shutter speed two-way, you can also combine the use of slow shutter speed with flash to be able to shoot an object and obscure others.

There are several techniques in using a shutter speed of this camera include the following:
1. Slow Shutter Speed ​​in the Daylight, is a technique where you have to follow a moving object image with this technique you will get the object that is really clear and obvious, while the background is blurred.

2. Fast Shutter Speeds In The Daylight, is a technique that is suitable for use when you want to capture the ball players when they scored, or when you want to capture a bird in flight. But do not use to take pictures of cars or other vehicles that go fast, because then would not look too attractive static and not highlight the advantages of the vehicle. Because with this technique, you will freeze the motion of one object to their motion pictures.

3. Slow Shutter Speeds At Night, this technique is very precise if you use to photograph the night with the lights of his car as a trail. Find the right position and suitable for photographing the bridge is very busy, do not forget to use a tripod to keep the balance of your camera. Use a fire shutter with a speed between 1 and 15 seconds, but this depends on the length of the streak that you need.

4. Flash is not only able to be of considerable assistance in low light conditions but can provide a variety of opportunities for your creativity to grow. Shutter speed is usually used when using the flash is 1/60 sec. At this speed, generally the camera is still able to walk in harmony with the speed of light flash. Shutter speed 1/60 the speed of the most frequently used at the studio shooting. Use the higher speeds will not bring much influence on photography studio, unless you want to record the moments that it can only be captured by a high speed shutter like a splash of water and broken glass. Before taking the picture with a high shutter speed) on the 1/500 second) you need to know how fast the camera until you can walk in harmony with the flash (flash syncro). At the moment there is very little light, the amount of exposure will depend on additional light, the flash you. Flash of light from very short to create objects that were captured by the lens will appear to open. At very low lighting conditions, shutter speed shooting dengab using 1/15 sec to 1/60 sec assisted with the flash will not even bring a significant difference in the images that you capture.

5. One effect that is what you get with a slow shutter is on the movement of water. This trick is one faforit nature photographers. The final results are expected by using a slow shutter is a river or waterfall effect that will look like a bed of white silk.


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