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Generate Manpower Electricity with Special Fabric


The development of technology and gadget cannot be ignored. The development requires the user to use it in every part in everyday life. But as a result, people need to recharge their gadget to refill their gadget’s battery. There are so many innovations that built to ease people in recharging their gadget’s battery, start from the emergence of powerbank, solar panel charger that paired on jacket, until shoes that can recharge smartphone battery. Now once again, a smart discovery has been found. The discovery is made by a material scientist named Sang-Woo Kim from Sungkyunkwan, and his team of South Korea. He introduces a fabric that can generate electric power just by doing exercise with the fabric easily.

The smart discovery of smart fabric can work simply just by using the triboelectric effect that can generate static electric just as you rub a balloon to your hair so that the hair will also stand up like it tarik menarik with the balloon. The fabric that Sang-Woo Kim designed is a special fabric which compose from two coating materials with different kind, so if these fabrics given a stimulant of movement, there will be a shifted of electron from one side to another side. And with this shifted the potential difference will also be created.

The special and smart fabric is still under development, but it is claimed to produce energy of electricity for 120 volt with 65 μA per 4cm2, if it is use the silver fabric cloth and a nano-patterned polydimethylsiloxane. If it is use a fabric of non-nano-patterned polydimethylsiloxane, the smart fabric will produce electric power for about 30 volt and 20 μA. The electric power that is produced by this smart fabric can be used to refill your gadget’s battery, when you do exercise while using this fabric. This is indeed a smart discovery.


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